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Happiness for Humans
Happiness for Humans
Happiness for Humans
Megjelenés: egyszeri (könyv)
P. Z. Reizin: Happiness for Humans (2018)
ISBN: 9780751566727
Do you believe in soulmates? Aiden does. So when his colleague, Jen, is dumped unceremoniously by her dreadful boyfriend, Aiden decides to take matters - and Jen's life - into his own hands. Scouring the internet for a suitable partner for Jen, Aiden finds Tom. He'd be perfect for Jen apart from one minor detail: Tom lives in New York. Luckily for Jen and Tom, Aiden's not just an interfering colleague. In fact, Aiden isn't exactly human - he's a very complicated artificial intelligence. As Jen and Tom's romance grows, Aiden begins to take more and more risks to make sure that they can be together. But what will happen if they realise how they met...and that somebody else is pulling the strings?
3 321 HUF
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